Mysterious smoky figure walking at nighton parking

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�”YouTube” researchers of supernatural phenomena. Astonishing
video, according to experts, shows a young woman walking
early in the morning between two rows of parked cars. Unexpectedly from
one of the cars will be separated by a smoky humanoid silhouette and
heading toward the woman. When the anomaly abruptly disappears right
in the middle of the parking lot, our heroine feels like this and stops.
This mysterious video ends. Of course, many
World Wide Web users thought it was about the present

On the Internet you can find a great variety of materials
depicting supposed phantoms, however it’s hard to say how
many of them are genuine. However, in this case
the vast majority of commentators have come to believe that it is in
really something beyond the ordinary.

Maybe not even a ghost, but chronomyrage, make assumptions
video hosting users, inexplicable energy essence
or come from a parallel world. In short, nominated
various theories regarding the nature of this mysterious anomaly.
Someone even says that before us is a guardian angel of a woman or
her doppelganger, that is, the evil twin.

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