Mysterious space object flying throughThe sun

On the video hosting YouTube is gaining popularity video made
famous English ufologist acting under the nickname Bruce Sees
all. According to Bruce, he managed to video giant
UFO, flying through our Luminary.

This seems incredible, says the researcher, considering and
incredible red hotness of the Sun, and fantastic sizes
�“Caught” by a UFO camera, however, as already shows
the long practice of tracking the Luminary,
carried out, for example, by NASA, mysterious flying objects
constantly circling around him. And to the sun just fly
giant alien ships, if you allow this. But not
it is simply impossible to allow as comets and asteroids burn
still approaching this “red-hot stove”. Walk through
The sun и вовсе кажется запредельным для любого космического тела,
but only, apparently, not for … aliens.

Specify that this video the British ufologist managed to do
thanks to special equipment with filters that allow
следить за The sunм. All this was bought with funds from
donations to the channel Bruce Sees all from its subscribers.
Брюс давно уже следит за The sunм, справедливо полагая, что оно
keeps much more secrets than any planet of our SS. In his opinion,
and aliens are showing interest in our star system,
I focus primarily on the capabilities (or parameters) of the Sun
and only then paying attention to Earth and other SS planets.

Independent experts interested in this video,
can not yet explain the origin of the UFO, captured on video
Bruce. And academic scientists, as always, remain silent because
similar materials concerning the Sun and periodically circling
near him are mysterious giant objects, already mass, and explain
all of this based on officially adopted views on space and
aliens just impossible.

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