Mysterious steel is set in New Yorkfacilities

These metal whether towers, or high pedestals, externally
resembling repeaters are currently being installed by
the whole of New York: in the tunnels, at metro stations, at
crossings, bridges and many other places.

Moreover, city officials and even Metropolitan employees
The Transportation Authority (MTA), which themselves establish these
загадочные facilities, не могут ответить на простой вопрос
journalists: what is it and why is it built?

That’s what New York Transportation Commissioner said, for example.
Polly Trottenberg:

We only have money in the amount of one hundred million.
dollars allocated for the construction of these towers (by the way, half of
this amount we have already implemented). But at the same time no one – neither me nor others
members of the board of directors do not have complete information regarding
these mysterious structures, and therefore nothing specifically to say

Another MTA official, one Cedric Fulton, refused at all
talk to journalists on this topic, apparently, not all in this
transparent and legal, and his colleague José Lugo
admitted that they do not even know why all this is necessary.

Since the towers are built in front of millions of citizens, and
на украшения данные facilities уж никак не похожи, журналисты CBS2
with questions about this made their way to MTA chairman Joe
Lhoty, who briefly explained that all this is done for
the country’s national security in order to combat terrorism.
The official refused to say more than this, explaining that he does not have
that’s right.

How the US government fights terrorists in New York
remember from September 2001, therefore, the explanation of Joe Lhota their not
very convinced and certainly not pleased. And scary towers that
Day by day, citizens seem more mysterious and therefore everything
scary, and remain a mystery with seven seals …

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