Mysterious structure turned out to be meltingAntarctic ices

Ufologists discovered recently something strange among the melting ice
cover of the polar region of the Earth. According to experts, in
Antarctic turned out to be a huge mysterious structure, hidden
formerly under the ice and now visible due to the global
climate change.

Researchers report that the length of the amazing structure
is 300 meters, width in different places – from 30 to 50 meters.
The height of its walls, presumably, reaches 10 meters. Experts at
areas of ufology made this incredible discovery by considering
satellite images of Antarctica. If you want to find yourself
mysterious object on the maps, use the geographic
coordinates: 69 ° 53’42.03 “S 38 ° 42’22.02” E

No one can say with accuracy that this structure is itself
represents, however, many ufologists agree that she
is man-made. Maybe it’s a secret base of representatives.
extraterrestrial civilization or a city of the ancient world that existed here
before the icing of the continent, which we call Antarctica.

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