Mysterious teleportation and patient deathhit doctors

Stellenbosch Hospital Staff in Cape Town, South Africa
was struck by a mysterious event that occurred here not so long ago. AT
beginning of the month, the 61-year-old patient was temporarily transferred from here to
hospital Parl for emergency surgery on
abdominal cavity. After surgery, the patient returned to Stellenbosch.
for recovery. On October 5, one of the nurses checked to see if she had
a man in order, and moved away to take clean linen.

It was then that events and acquired an unexpected turn. When
the nurse returned to the ward, the patient was no longer there. He’s like
dissolved in the air. The management of the facility called the police, and
law enforcement officers searched the building for a long time, as well as the nearby
territory. However, not even a trace of the missing was found.
It was. And after 13 days, something even stranger happened
sinister: the man’s body was suddenly found in the attic

Hospital workers have no idea how this
happened because the room was securely closed and could not
would the patient independently get here right after a serious
operations. Did he simply teleport to the attic?
The circumstances in which a man quietly got access to
securely locked room and died there without medical care,
both police and administrations are currently investigating

Local explorer of supernatural phenomena Samuel
Nkemdilim shared his thoughts on this with reporters.

ATсе это выглядит достаточно подозрительно, скажу я вам. Many
from similar incidents that I study, get into the news and
heavily exaggerated in the blogosphere, but it is in such small
and little-known stories can be found most of all oddities. Could
does this person teleport in any way from his
chambers in the attic, or he immediately ran there in able
a seriously ill person, practically “tied” to his bed
infirmity after surgery? AT мировой истории можно найти несколько
officially documented cases of spontaneous teleportation
people and objects, however, direct evidence that, unfortunately,

We add only that if you believe in materialistic theory, do not
allowing for teleportation, then the pensioner does not
he just climbed up to the attic with lightning speed, he somehow managed to
open the locked door and close it again (by the way, the key with it does not
found). Just unbelieveble! But the motive of such a thing seems even more fantastic.
deed: for what, I ask? To die there in agony without
medical care? ..

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