Mysterious “time travelers”,aliens or guests from another world

An American woman named Mary told an amazing story
which happened to her family in the winter of 1957, when she was only
5 years. Preschooler was traveling with her parents from the city
Raidsville in Greensboro, North Carolina. AT
a certain moment our heroes noticed an elderly couple quietly striding
on the side of the road. Alas, unfamiliar man and woman walked in
opposite direction, and native Mary had no opportunity
throw retirees.

However, when the family was returning from Greensboro, she saw
the same pair that went again to Raidsville and almost never seemed to
budged. You would have thought that these man and
the woman walked around the whole day. Surprised, our heroes
offered a ride spouses. Those willingly got into the car,
thanked for their help and said that they were going to Raidsville by
some business of their own. Buses did not go there, and pensioners, they say,
had to go on foot.

Little Mary, who sat down in front of her parents, immediately realized
that there was something wrong with strangers. ATо-первых, они оказались
Dressed completely out of season. It was freezing outside, however
the woman had only a light dress, and her wife had a light shirt
and jumpsuit with suspenders. In addition, the girl drew attention to
that the man had incredibly beautiful eyes of rich blue
colors, some inhuman, almost fabulous.

Noticing the interest with which he is watching is turned on
the front seat of the girl, the companion smiled good-naturedly, took out
the pocket is a strange object resembling a futuristic clerical
pen, and handed it to the child. To my great regret
Mary recklessly lost a gift that same year, not having time
find out his destination. Now a 66-year-old woman suspects
that it could be a valuable artifact unparalleled in our
the world.

Mary’s parents, of course, also noticed that fellow travelers were
badly dressed, and insisted that Bradley (so called themselves
spouses) stayed in their house, where they will be given warm clothes. Couple
I didn’t mind, although I began to show some concern, as if
Didn’t plan at all to interact with our heroes so much
closely. AT конечном итоге Брэдли оказались не только одеты, но и
well fed. And then something truly strange and

Elderly man and woman suddenly disappeared overnight from home! They
only a few seconds left alone in the kitchen, and when mother Mary
returned there, guests and a trace of a cold. Our heroine is still
wonders who it was: aliens from another planet
unusual ghosts, people from a parallel world or
time travelers. From these individuals, besides everything
other things, there was some kind of incomprehensible, very powerful energy, easy
perceptible as something bright and happy that is unnatural
to people. And she noticed that not only little Mary, but also her

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