Mysterious trail of snow frightened ruralresidents of Kuzbass

In the private sector of the city of Anzhero-Sudzhensk of the Kemerovo Region in
a mysterious trail of gigantic

According to the portal of similar incidents and riddles, this
A unique photo was sent to them by their regular user, which in
turn got it from their worried parents on
the garden of which appeared these terrible traces. Why horrible? because
that the villagers were very scared by this, since neither they nor
their neighbors have never seen anything like it in life. That’s how
The author of the letter comments on this mysterious phenomenon:

It scares all the unknown, and the tracks are really strange, like
a giant, multi-legged creature ran through the snow. Parents could not
trace where she ran because the trail is lost far in
a kitchen garden, where it’s not so easy to get there – you will drown in the snow, besides
same – scary: what if this mysterious animal lurked there and
waiting for his victim?

Fears of the letter’s author’s parents are not unfounded if
recall that in the world of centipedes are poisonous predators,
able to kill the victim several times larger than the hunter himself.
And let such terrible centipedes in the Kuzbass do not seem to be found, in
of this life, anything happens: where do chupacabras, for example, come from and
other mystical animals? Moreover, this centipede – just
gigantic (far from being a Hawaiian poisonous creature), clearly
appearing from somewhere …

However, users of the portal tried to reassure
residents of Kuzbass. Such mysterious traces, writes one of
naturalists, can leave a large bird, which, apparently, dragged
the snow is too heavy prey, helping itself with its wings. Not
it is possible that it could be just a joke, although the author of the letter
Immediately made a reservation that his parents are not of those who are loved
play teenagers, and who else is capable of such a cruel
stupidity? ..

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