Mysterious tree that kills birds justSo

In nature, everything is harmonious, if the animal or plant kills
another living being, it is only because it is necessary for
the existence of this representative of flora or fauna. However, among
растений хищников не So уж и много, отчего они вообще вызывают
special interest in myself. But the amazing tree Pisonia, which
grows on the coral islands and reefs of the Pacific and Indian
oceans, shocking botanists with their mystery – it kills
птиц просто So…

Seed pods grow in Pisonia – long, with hooks,
covered with disgusting mucus. And these terrible pods
capture any bird that sits on this scary tree.
They literally peel off the body of the feathered, holding it tightly with their
�”Glue” and hooks. В результате Soого плена птица просто погибает
from hunger. And these are not some particular cases, but the most common
practice for Pyzonia, why the predatory plant was even called

But scientists are not surprised by this, but by the fact that Quisonia is for life and
продолжении потомства нет никакой необходимости в Soой хищной
cruelty because its seeds grow beautifully and without
of this.

Дерево-птицелов So и не открыло свою тайну

Canadian botanist Alan Burger (Alan Burger), representing
Victorian University, spent ten months at the end
the nineties of the last century to uncover this mystery.
Going to the coral island Kuzin in the Seychelles, this
tireless researcher conducted a lot of observations and experiments,
in order to reveal why Pythonia needs decaying birds, which
nutrient rich bodies play a role in seed development
tree birder. Не смотря на все старания ученого, ему So и не
managed to find the answer to this amazing mystery of nature. That’s what
He wrote in his report:

Strange, but if Pythonia did not kill the birds, they would
brought her much more benefit by fertilizing the tree with her droppings
and spreading its seeds. The corpse, which the seeds did not even
use becomes a waste of biological resources.
It seems that the tree kills birds for its own
удовольствия, как говорится, просто So, как это делают некоторые
mentally ill people. This is the only known case.
among predator plants, when killing is not warranted, if not
to say the main thing: we do not have a loan (and will we ever find out?), why in
Does Pithonia really do this? For almost a year I “asked” her about
this, but the mysterious tree did not want to dedicate me to her
terrible secret …

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