Mysterious unknown to science discovered in Yakutiamineral

Domestic geologists found near the Yakut village
Батагай уникальный mineral, который не фиксировали прежде нигде на
Earth Like an alien.

Specialists of St. Petersburg State University
They gave it the name of the name of the site. Analogs
this phosphate crystal most likely does not exist
in nature, not even in laboratories where scientists are constantly trying
get new chemical compounds.

SPbSU professor Sergey Krivovichev says that for now
The practical value of the battery is unknown. First, all qualities
и особенности новых mineralов, как правило, открывают только спустя
some time after their discovery. Secondly, the substance found in
very small quantities, and Russian specialists intend to
now synthesize it in the lab to get more
batagait and study it with all care. However, Sergey
Владимирович отмечает, что прочие mineralы, скажем, меди часто
have useful magnetic properties that are widely found
application in some areas.

Загадочный mineral или камень с другой планеты?

It is reported that the battery was found in the vicinity of Mount Kester.
In the 1930s, a tin mine was located here, where
the prisoners worked. When the camp was abolished and working out in it
stopped, the scientists were interested in the contents of the mine. Not
it is possible that the Soviet experts stumbled upon the same
the crystals in the 80s, however, did not even guess what they had
a business. Modern science will allow Russian scientists to decipher
the most complex structure of a unique substance and possibly further
determine its useful properties, that is, how it is able to facilitate
life to humanity.

Batagit has an unusual crystalline structure consisting of
two different modules. He has a hardness close to marble and
contains manganese, zinc, silicon, copper, phosphorus, and
a variety of other chemical elements. The mineral is almost colorless, with
subtle pale blue tint. Just the same stone with the other
planets …

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