Mysterious vanishing cat hit the camera

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” published in
section of the site dedicated to the mysterious and supernatural
phenomena, an unusual video shot several nights ago with a camera
sightings behind his house. David Corkill is convinced that the lens
device got mystically disappeared cat.

According to the Irishman, he has no idea who this is
Is it an animal and an animal? Our hero never had
cat or cat, so he reasonably believes that some monster in
a kind of innocuous pet just wandered in after it
sunset in the garden. But what happened to the four-legged guest afterwards,
truly impressed and puzzled the master of the house.

The mystery shots below demonstrate how
the animal goes to the garden, stops for a while, then
rushes forward and suddenly dissolves in the air. How is
possibly? Is it really the most miracle, or how
it is customary to speak in scientific circles, paranormal phenomenon?

Some surprised regulars “Reddit” believe that it was
ghost cat materialized in our world. According to
others, this animal has the ability to teleport or
become invisible. Still others talk about the malfunctioning of the illusory
�”Matrix” in which our civilization supposedly exists.

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