Mysterious wandering fire hit the cameraobservations

One of the users of the popular social network «Reddit»
turned to other site regulars for help. Man under
the pseudonym fuzedplazma writes that a few nights ago the camera
observations, встроенная в дверной глазок его дома, запечатлела
mysterious glow in the yard. Incomprehensible light lasting
time danced outside the home of our hero, then disappeared and more with
Since then, the lens recorder does not fall.

Turning on the video below, you can see 10
minutes of this action with my own eyes. The movie quickly became popular and
collected a lot of feedback from users of the resource. Many
commentators considered that it is a question of wandering fire.
The materialists consider such a glow to be the result of an appearance from under
natural gas lands that come on when interacting with
oxygen, but the mystics are convinced that the so-called “demonic
lights ”are spirits of the dead or some other
entities from the subtle world. It is worth noting that the wandering lights
Get on the camera is incredibly rare. Virtually no
officially documented case of catching swamp lights on
photo or video.

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