Mysterious water creature capturednear England

Kevin Burton from the English town of Taynmouth, County
Tyne and Wear, argues that on August 10 of this year was
an accidental witness to an unusual phenomenon. According to the man, he
went to the sea in the morning and suddenly noticed in the water near the shore
incomprehensible being. Briton tells:

It was a lovely warm morning. I woke up early, brewed myself
coffee and went with a straight cup (nice habit) to the beach,
very close to my house. There, I almost immediately
saw a dark fin sticking out of the water
creation. At first I decided that it was a big fish, but such
the theory was soon abandoned. Now it seems to me that I became
the first witness of the Loch Ness monster outside
Scotland Do you think this is possible or not?

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