Mysterious water monster noticed in China

A traveler who recently visited Lake Kanas in China
claims to be a casual witness to the appearance of the mysterious
monsters on the surface of the reservoir.

It happened on May 15th. An eyewitness says that in the water
a large dark silhouette appeared, from which the waves moved away.
Of course, the man hurried to capture this spectacle on camera
smartphone Once on the World Wide Web, the following entry
ignited rumors about the so-called Monster Kanas.

Kanas Monster is considered the Chinese equivalent of the legendary
Loch Ness monster living in Scotland. Rumor has it that
for the first time this cryptide was noticed here in 1980, and since then
From time to time a mysterious creature reveals itself to tourists and local
residents. Skeptics claim that this is a submarine, a large fish or
even a wild duck, however their statements seem even more absurd
(dragged by the ears), than the words of the most hard-boiled conspiracy therapists and
cryptozoologists. Anyway, information about Monster Canas can be
find today in many reference books on mythical
monsters, whose existence is still not recognized by science.

Wong Hongqiao, who is the author of the video presented, is convinced
that he was lucky to fix on the camera exactly Monster
Canas. The Chinese even turned for help to specialists who
agreed to study this material and make its verdict
as to what is shown in these frames.

According to experts, the record is “clean” without interference.
video editors. And it really captures something under
water, most likely a really large being, similar to
plesiosaurus Is there really a real dinosaur in the lake that lived
to our days from prehistoric times? Same relict
many, by the way, consider the above-mentioned Nessie to be a plesiosaur.

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