Mysterious white balloons in the sky over Mexico

We offer to watch the video on which are captured
mysterious white balloons in the sky over Mexico. Strange UFOs sailed by
to the air rather slowly, as if specially showing off
flight, which is why many Mexicans filmed all this on their video cameras

On the video below you can see hundreds of people
watching and filming is an amazing phenomenon that some
Mexicans even considered it a “gift” before the Christmas ones.

The video aroused genuine interest of ufologists and conspiracy therapists,
who believe that UFOs are often visible here based in Dulce
New Mexico State USA. Under this name supposedly breaks huge
the underground base of gray aliens, which in its time is detailed
former engineer Phil Schneider told in public lectures,
working in the seventies of the last century on the government
The United States to create joint bases of the US military and gray
aliens During these developments, American builders are often
faced aliens who captured people for
their genetic experiments. In 1979, a riot of prisoners broke out
against the grays, in which Phil Schneider participated. He later broke
with special services, and even demonstrated a scar in his lectures,
derived from an alien laser weapon.

Phil Schneider, like his friend Ron Rummel, who was once
the United States Air Force intelligence officer, and then the publisher of Alien Digest,
opposed the world government which is in collusion with the gray
and reptiloid prepare humanity a New World Order. AT
August 1993, Ron Rummel died, he was found killed in
(shot in the head as a result of alleged suicide), however
Phil Schneider did not believe in the suicide of his friend. However, soon
It became him. Tireless conspiracy specialist found dead with coiled
neck wires, which many independent researchers have done
the conclusion that he was also tortured before his death. Just below you can
Watch the last lecture by Schneider.

Not by chance, conspiracy therapists are concerned about today’s performances.
Pentagon officials about UFOs (allegedly on the basis of documents from which
removed the neck of secrecy).

ATсе это не к добру, говорят они, и то, что над Мехико
mysterious white balls scattered, nothing good promises.
ATозможно, это и «подарок» к Рождеству, однако, сомнительно, что
kind, able to bring people something good …

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