Mysterious winged object in the sky, perhapsis a portal to another world

One of the subscribers of the Disclose portal suggested users
Internet networks an unusual shot that journalists decided to post
for discussion – what is it?

But first, a small comment from the author himself.

I made this photo on June 7, early in the morning. Strange winged
an object appeared in the sky against the backdrop of a thundercloud. He seemed to cut it.
its radiance. The most amazing thing is that this is a “window” if you allow
it did not change its mysterious shape and did not move, with
This is the power of his glow is constantly changing. It made me take off
also a video that I will definitely post on the Internet (on
video hosting) a bit later (recoding is needed). But there is nothing
This, to complement my words – just visually you will see
how does the brightness of this strange object change, while it (too
very strange) remains motionless in the sky, as if carved on
dark cardboard called “cloud” …

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