Mysterious world echo phenomenon puzzlingradio amateurs

The so-called global echo, or long delay echo,
is a special kind of echo when transmitting
radio signals. It returns after 1-40 seconds (or even more)
after sending a signal, appearing sometimes in the range of short

What is the mystery of the world echo

For the first time this mysterious phenomenon, probably registered in 1927
year, the Norwegian radio engineer Jørgen Hulse, who could not explain
an anomaly and therefore preferred to keep it secret. However,
subsequently, the effect of world echo was repeatedly recorded
radio amateurs and radio engineers around the planet, and scientists
proved its objective existence. However, the secret
this phenomenon has so far failed to uncover.

What is the mystery of long delay echo, you ask? For
start recall that the speed of the radio signal is approximately
equal to the speed of light. Now imagine that the signal after sending
delayed by at least 5 seconds. For этого необходимо, чтобы
the object from which the signal is reflected, was in 750 thousand
kilometers from the receiver. For сравнения, длина экватора нашей
the planet is approximately 40 thousand kilometers, and the average
the distance from the Earth to the Moon is a little over 384 thousand
kilometers Hence the surprise of those who are faced with the delay
sometimes a few tens of seconds.

Hypotheses explaining a rare phenomenon

There are several hypotheses, one way or another explaining the reasons
this unusual phenomenon. The most popular one is that
random radio signal is trapped in a kind of way, getting
between the layers of the ionosphere, and is repeatedly reflected from them, thereby
skirting the Earth until it comes out through the bottom layer down.
According to another theory, long signal delays are due to the fact that
it is alternately reflected alternately from the moon and the earth before
reach the receiver. If you believe the third hypothesis, radio waves
reflected from plasma clouds outside the Earth. But it’s all clean.

But the Scottish astronomer and cosmologist Duncan Lunan puts forward
much bolder and interesting assumption. According to his opinion
the world echo is generated by alien aircraft that
capture our radio signals and send them back not only with
noticeable delay, but also with increased power. And this
indeed: Lunan and his colleagues experimentally proved
that the long delay echo is more powerful than
similar radio wave reflected from various objects on
Earth Many ufologists agree with Duncan, believing that all the fault
may well be aliens.

Of course, as is the case with many others not fully
explained by the phenomena, the world echo is surrounded by a halo of mysticism,
generating various urban legends and rumors. Many
radio amateurs swear they heard on the air with the effect of world echo
strange voices, sounds and even music. Believe it or not – the case
yours It is better, of course, to check everything yourself, that is, to become –
a radio engineer …

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