A resident of Ireland tested the monitor baby monitors, whose camera
was installed in the room of his newborn son, and unexpectedly
noticed on the recorder screen something weird and

The spouse of our hero was at this time near the bed with
a child. Looking at his loved ones, a man suddenly saw over
ajar door behind his wife incomprehensible dark silhouette like a
someone’s head. The stranger looked into the bedroom, then abruptly

Horrified, the father of the family rushed to his relatives, but in the nursery
There was no one in the room except his wife and young
a child. The Irishman examined the whole house, but did not find in his
housing any traces of penetration. However, a couple quickly
I realized that we can talk about a supernatural guest who
materialized here for only a few seconds, after which the same
rapidly disappeared.

Many users of the World Wide Web thought that before
We are the result of video editing, and not the most skilled. They say
загадочная head за дверью пропадает слишком быстро, словно некий
special effect. However, other commentators fully believed that
This is real devilry. Some even talked about ghost or
the demon who wants to harm the baby. However, with the same probability
it could be someone from the close departed relatives who came
look at the newborn …

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