Mystery of the construction of idols on Easter Islandunraveled

And although we didn’t put a question mark in the title, in fact
scientists have proposed only another version of how they were moved
these multi-ton stone “women” from the quarry to the shore and even as
they were wearing 13-ton “hats”, painted in red.
By the way, the “bodies” and “hats” of these stone idols were made in
different quarries, almost at opposite ends of the island

Still, how did these statues and their “hats” to them move on
such long distances, and the latter still rose and dressed?
A team of American scientists led by a professor
Binghamton University Carl Lipo (Carl Lipo) has managed to connect
put together methods of physics, archeology and computer modeling,
thanks to which she came to an interesting conclusion about what they told the world
in an article in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

Here is what the anthropologist Lipo himself says about this:

We noticed that on the “bodies” of the statues and their “hats”
there should be traces of moving, transporting and so on,
as, by the way, on the ground itself, and there are practically none. And then we
understood that these multi-ton idols could only be moved
the method of “swinging” and “steps”, as moves, for example,
a heavy refrigerator in the house is even a weak person, tilting it then on
one then to another corner. And the statues of Easter Island were cut down,
so that such “walking” stone “women” was the least
labor-intensive and most convenient. But the “hats” just rolled, and
raised with the help of a gentle hill made of sand and sea
pebbles. Moreover, these “hats” were dressed on the still tilted stone
�”Woman”, which is then leveled. Computer modelling
confirmed our theory. Everything turned out to be much easier than we
thought …

We told on the pages of our site and about the Russian
entomologist V.S. Grebennikov, who just peeped at insects
antigravity effect of cavity structures, due to which
bugs and cockroaches fly, while their wings in this case
only set the direction of flight. Based on this discovery, Victor
Stepanovich created and successfully tested the gravitol, which in
hereafter (before his death) he simply destroyed (along with all
records) to prevent this apparatus from falling into unscrupulous hands.

All this suggests the idea that ancient people could have known such
simple things like gravity and control of it if all this is easy
use even insects. We are just in our “man-made trap”
so detached from nature that we cannot even conceive how
this in ancient Egypt or on Easter Island did without lifting
cranes and other mechanisms, and therefore we invent for them “the ancient
analogs “of such man-made construction, even, perhaps, not
suspecting how things really were.

It would be more accurate to say even this: suspect something we suspect
just admit to ourselves that we are more stupid and helpless
Well, the ancient inhabitants of the Earth can not. Pride sticks …

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