Mystery of the severed head with Mason Roadstill remains unsolved

The semi-neglected rural Mason Road, located in
48 kilometers from the US city of Pittsburgh in the state
Pennsylvania became famous after the end of 2014
here they found a head separated from the body, which became one of
The biggest forensic mysteries of this century.

Severed head on the sidelines

The nightmarish find was made by a local school student,
returning home after classes. At first, the teenager thought that
on the side of the road lies part of the dummy, however, coming closer, he
I was horrified to realize that a severed one was looking at him from the ground
human head. To death the frightened schoolboy rushed
away, ran to the nearest police station and told
guardians of the law of his discovery.

Law enforcement officers with dogs, enlisting the help of volunteers,
They searched everything around, but did not find other parts of the body of the deceased.
More precisely, the deceased, since the head clearly belonged to an elderly
woman aged 50-60 years. Since this sight is by no means for
faint of heart, we will not bring the photo of the head,
confining her to a 3D model and drawings by a crime forensic artist
Michelle Vitali.

The identity and cause of death of a woman with a severed head
failed to install

The face of the mysterious woman was well-groomed and clean. All teeth
some of them were exposed
quality dental treatment. Deceased hair was
painted silver. Unknown criminal good
embalmed the head so that it could be kept
infinitely long. At the same time, the specialists failed
determine whether the head was cut off before or after the death of the woman.
The deceased was called Jane Doe – such a code name is given in English
countries to all unidentified female corpses.

The incision separating the head from the body (which has not yet succeeded
find) was skillful: extremely smooth and accurate. Remaining vertebrae
from the cervical neatly removed. This pushed investigators to
the idea that the criminal could be a man with professional
surgical skills. Identify woman failed: in
The police didn’t help either
media portraits of Jane

The fact that the head found on Mason Road turned out to be
embalmed, indicated perhaps the following: head
dug up in a cemetery or taken from the morgue. However,
an investigation revealed that such thefts and desecration of graves in
a radius of hundreds of kilometers has not been performed lately.
The funeral home staff did not recognize the deceased.

The cause of death of a woman, as mentioned above, is not determined
succeeded. The more criminologists studied the head, the more
questions they had. A mysterious business began to acquire
sinister and even mystical coloring.

More and more questions and no answers

In the vessels of Jane Doe were traces of atropine and lidocaine – this
could indicate that she was undergoing cardiopulmonary
resuscitation. Maybe this was the cause of death of a woman? but
why would someone cut and embalm her head? Why remains
were on the side of the road? According to investigators, no
there were no answers – only numerous questions.

Further – more interesting and worse. Medical examiners wanted
examine the eyes of the deceased, but were surprised to find that
there were no apples in the skull. Instead, red ones were inserted into orbits.
rubber balls with thin lenses. First, experts have arisen
version that the eyes were removed for donor purposes, but it caused
doubt. Why then replace the eyes with such “cosmetic
prosthetic? It seemed that the mysterious criminal
wanted to keep this head as an exhibit or decoration.
Local doctors have never seen anything like it before.

The version of the underground trade in parts of the bodies did not give the investigators
rest. Someone has obviously cut off a woman with surgical precision.
head, removed the cervical vertebrae and eyes, and then embalmed this
part of the body and made it look like a real
person. Maybe some perverts really like to have
such an exhibit in your house?

The version of the donor organs: two more heads – and no

American journalist Brian Grow, having learned about this case, spent
Own investigation and acquired in the “dark” part of the Internet …
two real human heads for $ 300 each.
The seller, however, turned out to be very careful and, having received payment,
left a bag with remains in the forest, after which he informed the buyer

The experts examined these embalmed heads and came to
выводу, что они похожи на голову Jane doe In particular, they have
cervical vertebrae were skillfully removed and false
eyes. However, the latter can be explained as follows: eyes
poorly embalming, so that the head looked
as a living, artificial eyeballs are needed. Unfortunately, for this
two heads not the same thorough investigation was carried out
however, all indications were that the new finds were identical to the head
Jane doe

Even if Jane Doe fell victim to criminal organ traffickers,
There were a lot of questions. Why did no one identify this woman?
Why did not the search results for the DNA database? You would have thought
that this man never existed at all, but his
the canned head materialized in our world from
�From nowhere.

Senior Detective Andrew Call from Pittsburgh, who worked for two years
on this case, recently admitted that during this time I almost got off
mind, trying to unravel the mystery of a severed head. Stress was
so great that one day the investigator did not sleep for three days, but
when he looked in on the pathologists to clarify some
details of the autopsy, and inadvertently glanced at his head, it seemed to him
that she suddenly blinked or even winked at him. Kall assures that
all this seemed to him, but who knows what he thinks
business and, most importantly, what happened in reality with the mysterious
cut off heads.

Anyway, according to the detective, it was the most difficult and
mysterious thing in his career. And the saddest thing to reveal
it never happened.

Surprisingly a case that has not moved a single step in three years,
was widely reported in the American press, spawning many rumors and
urban legends supernatural sense. Maybe cut off
Jane Doe’s head, really from a parallel world? Are we much
know about the interaction of worlds and even more about the possible crime
with this interaction? ..

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