Mystic card, unrecognizabledistorting human faces

In the Russian-language segment of the world wide web known “terrible”
urban legend of a mystical artifact capable of
unrecognizable distort human faces. It happened if
believe this myth, about a decade ago somewhere in the middle
strip of Russia.

The story begins with the disappearance of a young woman who accompanied her husband to
city ​​through the forest, and not returning back. Then in the same village
as if a 62-year-old man has “evaporated”, who went to collect
ramson Do not have time to spin the investigation, as the two disappeared

The guardians of the law thought they were dealing with a serial killer, and
requested assistance from the city. The villagers were asked to stay home and not
interfere with the investigation, but do you really keep angry men?

Remember: a mirror fits any

The next morning, a local girl was looking for near the forest
a lost goat and became a witness to something frightening. By
According to a schoolgirl, she was at an abandoned house on the outskirts,
surrounded by impassable thickets of bushes and thistles, and
Suddenly I heard someone breathing in the tall grass. Not that
a man is not a beast, and he is breathing with difficulty, whistling, as if
draws air through the tube. Police authority (at that time
Russia was still the police) did not act on the men, and they immediately
left the place.

Alleged maniac discovered first. He has finished his life
by suicide by making a sort of guillotine for her
the flat heavy stone fell. With this load, he smashed himself
head The bodies of the victims of the killer found in the cellar. Two of them were scored
a stick, and two more, a girl and a pensioner, died from a stop
hearts. Crazy lived there for about two weeks. He was exhausted and
obviously did not eat anything. Among the trash in the house was his note
in words:

I beg you, forgive me, but they saw me. They screamed so … to me
I did not want them to tell someone about me. Remember
mirror fits any, any!

Naturally, law enforcement officers initially did not understand the meaning of this.
unintelligible message. Even more mysterious was that behind the house
turned out to be a glass crumb hill, consisting of crushed
mirrors. The killer even removed a mirror from the powder box of the stolen
the women, and also hastily made it into a fine crochet. But on this oddity
far from over.

Mysterious card

We decided to try to identify the maniac fragmented
the skull. The pathologist who took this case concluded that
bone fragments were twice the amount needed and attached to
The report is an approximate reconstruction of the killer’s head, which looked
extremely ridiculous and ridiculous. The jaws were pulled forward,
forming a kind of tube; eye sockets were drop-shaped,
turned in the direction of this improbable snout.

The story got some resonance, and at the crime scene
began to appear periodically all sorts of curious. Two
students who recorded their trip to the recorder, found in
abandoned house 19th century antique postcard dedicated to
good manners. The postcard depicted a girl sitting in front of
a mirror and showing language to its reflection. The inscription on the card

Raised children do not wriggle, as they can remain so
forever and ever.

The next discovery of the pair was a dusty mirror lying under
rubble and, apparently, not noticed crazy.
The recording on the recorder ended with the following dialogue:

Girl: Don’t wipe it with your sleeve, let me give you now
any rag find.

Guy: Listen, and the mirror seems to be crooked. Look what i have
rooooooooo …

That “oh” sound continued to stretch, as though the young man could not
close your mouth and get louder until you shut it
heart-rending squeal girlfriend.

The girl’s breathless body was found in the same place, she passed away from
разрыва hearts. The guy committed suicide by jumping into an empty well.
His skull was deformed in an incredible way: the upper jaw
lengthened and bent so that it reached to the eyebrows, spreading the
side of the eye and engulfing the nose, while the lower one has grown together with the clavicle. what
concerns the girl, her face was disfigured on one side only
– with the one that was facing the mirror. Right eye socket and eye
female students were impossible increased in her grotesque expression
horror The mirror in the room was missing.

Mystical card, having done his work, was gone

After four days, the investigator who had led the case did not go to
service and sent one of his colleagues voice mail about
as follows:

Come to me urgently. Leave the front door open, I myself
I will be in the bedroom. Do not be afraid of what you see there. Don’t need me
was looking at that damn postcard. It all happened early in the morning
when i woke up and went to shave in the bathroom. I did not hurt, yes
and now it does not hurt at all. The mirror really fits any, and
it’s not even necessary to look at it, it’s enough just to be
in its field of reflection. If you try to fix it in front of a mirror,
it only gets worse. I have normal vision, although I see
now only own eyes, very unusual effect. Rumor too
fine. Increased pressure, and rapid pulse. Temperature 35.4
degrees I apologize for not being able to
examine me alive, but I cannot exist in such a form.
I do not write a will, but I would like a daughter to get an apartment from
first marriage.

When the police entered the man’s bedroom, he found him lying
on the floor with an oilcloth under the head. He shot himself in
right ear, pressing against the left pillow. In what form was
head, immediately reminded his investigator’s colleagues
to frown. Through the entire face of a man, from the forehead to the chin, lay
huge vertical slot, which fell through the mouth, nose and eyes.
The unfortunate sockets were opposite each other, and shooting at
ear, he knocked himself both eyes.

The department disbanded within a month, and most
law enforcement officers related to the investigation of these nightmarish
events, changed their occupation. Unfortunate card
mysteriously disappeared, and its appearance is still not
reported …


One could not believe this story, considering it an invention,
terrible tale, lush fantasy of the author, if not for one
esoteric dictum: man can not think of anything just
so, because even the most unthinkable story is nothing more than
reflection of really existing events, even
somewhere out there in countless parallel worlds
(read the link interesting material about this), but existing
as real as our being. The author is usually just
peeping at all this, say, in a dream. As for the described
events, then we can say with certainty only one thing – they happened
recently, somewhere in central Russia …

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