Mystic of the seas and oceans

Probably every adult person at least once and come across in
of my life with something mystically inexplicable, whether it is “jokes”
time, ghosts, strange sounds, mirages, not to mention the UFO
and aliens. However, such fantastic phenomena are more common than
where either, occur in the seas and oceans.

Immense water element fascinates and scares at the same time, and
here it can bestow something supernatural at all, for example,
terrible vision that is difficult to explain even by optical
illusions, fabulous creatures, say, mermaids, gigantic
monsters, and sometimes such miracles, which are even impossible

I wonder what those people feel who disappear without a trace
in the sea? And this is not necessarily the collapse and the subsequent
impassive sea depths. In the oceans are often found
ghost ships from which people just disappear and everything else
remains safe and sound. You would not want to be among those
�”Lucky”? Of course, it’s creepy, but interesting! And further
It’s not a fact that the missing will certainly die, maybe they just
moved to a parallel world …

The current time is interesting because Internet users can
get in touch with such mystical phenomena, even without participating in
them yourself because all this is filmed on numerous
Camcorders, which today is almost everyone in your pocket.
And if an eyewitness of something mysterious and unexplored had previously
opportunity only to tell about it, and even then a limited circle
friends, today he can share what he saw and filmed on
video with a million Internet audience.

Well, on the Internet there are people who collect these unique
videos in thematic videos, one of which, from the marine
themes, we bring to your attention. Definitely look
these fantastic episodes from the life of the seas and oceans …

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