Mystical death of Mikhail Evdokimov

Often the death of a famous person is accompanied by
mystical signs and events, which creates the impression
that the “big” man is surely followed by the great shadows
the other world. Maybe this is true, although how can we know which shadows
accompany the most ordinary man in the street: there is no about him
neither “before” nor “after” information …

But maybe the stars themselves are calling themselves in trouble, burning life
bright and selflessly? Or even like this: they leave, because they’ve done it,
measured by them in this life, and therefore there is no tragedy in their
premature death. This is just a return home after
passed the test. Everything else, terrible and ridiculous, is ours.
distorted view of this world …

Here and in the fate of the great Russian actor and humorist, and in
the last days of his life – the governor of the Altai Territory Michael
Evdokimov many mysteries and mystical secrets, which are such
seem, probably, only to us, living. However, talk about
they are worth it, at least in order to remember this beautiful and
talented person with a kind word.

In August 2005, Governor Mikhail Evdokimov crashed on
highway Biysk-Barnaul. The car in which he rode on a huge
speed began to overtake the car in front, for some reason on
turn, but because “met” with oncoming transport, flew
in a ditch and at high speed crashed into a tree. Save Michael

But that’s what the journalists noticed right away. At that time in Altai stood
rainy days, and at the time of the accident the sky suddenly cleared up and looked out
the sun – as if by request. Many did not believe in this accident
especially since it became known – Mikhail Sergeevich had a friend
an old fortune-teller who warned him about the danger and it was on
the road.

However, the aforementioned “old woman” to the surprise of journalists
turned out to be an interesting woman balsakovskogo age named
Taisiya. She said that she met Yevdokimov long ago
before his governorship – he was treating her back. When decided
running for governor, asked her advice – is it worth it, because
what he knew: Taisiya can look into the future. And she prophesied him
victory, but warned that, being the master of the Altai Territory, he
must be very careful and never drive without special
escorts. Recall that on that fateful day the chairman
Regional Department of Internal Affairs left the governor just without him
escorts …

Mikhail Evdokimov was doomed?

And a few days before the accident, Taisiya, as it turned out,
made titanic efforts to meet and warn
Michael about the impending disaster (for his soul, many hunted, and
there was no protection), but an unknown force (time in this case
as if resisting human attempts) did not let her
to do. When the fortune teller was informed about the death of the governor, she was not at all
not surprised, but only asked quietly: an accident, yes?

But what is surprising still in this story. Two years before
tragic events, also in August, a brother crashes in the car
actor Konstantin. Chances to survive – no. But here in the area
suddenly Michael appears (from where no one can really understand until
so far, since the actor was at that time in Moscow), brings
some miracle cure and … Konstantin quickly
getting better – a miracle and only! As they say esoteric, in this
Mystical episode traced the fact that Michael simply took karma
Constantine, that is, saving in some miraculous way the younger
brother, he took the fatal test of fate on himself.

Therefore, it is possible to build any kind of speculation about the fact that
the accident that the governor got into was set up to kill him,
that he crossed the road to the money aces of Altai – all this can be
really But only on our physical plane. In terms of thin
matter and energy Michael was doomed to go to the afterlife for
two years before the tragedy on the highway Biysk-Barnaul. And it could not change
nobody, not even the all-powerful witch Taisiya …

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