Mystical Gray Man got on the airtime hurricane florence

A powerful hurricane of Florence hit North Carolina
which victims have already become 11 people. About a million homes
turned out to be due to bad weather without electricity, and over 22 thousand
local residents were evacuated to temporary camps and shelters.

Americans Jim and Billy McClancy looked straight
broadcast this disaster from a webcam in the city of Polis Island and
unexpectedly noticed something strange. On the night pier, on which
turned their attention to fellow researchers, at a certain point
a transparent and pale human figure, like

Fortunately, the authors of the discovery recorded the broadcast on the hard disk
computer, so they easily managed to keep the anomaly on
video and then share your discovery with other users
World Wide Web. By turning on the video below, you can
see an ephemeral silhouette with your own eyes.

Regulars Seti immediately remembered the urban legend of the mysterious
and the sinister Gray Man. It is believed that this come from thin
the world appears on the coast of north carolina every time before
the way a natural disaster hits the state.

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