Mystical knock from the crematorium oven

Since the end of the 1930s, gloomy crawling around Moscow
rumors about the Donskoy crematorium, or rather, about the events taking place in
the walls of this sinister institution. A lot has been burned here.
unwanted authorities people.

Of course, in addition to these so-called. special teams in the first Soviet
crematoriums were burned and the usual dead (at the request of their loved ones), and
also the remains of unidentified people and vagrants. As for
they were brought from Lubyanka, and, as a rule,

… That night, when another batch was brought to Donskoy crematorium
such remains, at the head of the brigade of fire stations stood a thirty-year
Gregory Merkulov. At first, everything was as usual. They burned one corpse,
then ash was removed from the furnace, then coal was added and
sent to the burning next.

… It happened shortly after midnight. Standing at the stove, Merkulov
I heard something crunch inside her. The sound was unusual and
completely inexplicable, the dead man could not really come to life and
start tossing and turning in the stove! ..

Frightened brigadier called his subordinates. They also heard
strange sounds and no less surprised than Gregory. In this moment
from inside something loudly hit the metal stove flap. Not
as they were saying, the stooges rushed up the stairs in horror: there, in
service room, they drank tea enkavedeshniki, who brought special crews.
Hearing about the incomprehensible sounds coming from the furnace, they went down
down – and then again there was a knock on the flap …

There was a small window in the oven; looking into it, it was possible
see the process of burning. The senior officer, taking the gun,
walked to the window and looked into the oven. Damper once again
laughed – and the man flew off to the side, like some
fuzz! ..

Mystical knock from the oven scared everyone

This time from the basement in which the stove was located, they ran banging.
head not only crematorium workers, but also brave employees
terrible department. They locked the door to the eerie basement and called
police outfit. The arrived policemen also received a rare
the opportunity to hear someone breaking from a flaming cremation
oven out. At the same time, the blows intensified, then calmed down …

People were scared to a state of serious panic. From Lubyanka
even provoked reinforcements against an inexplicable nightmare – detachment
NKVD. However, when he arrived at the scene, the knocks from the stove stopped.
The mystical dead man, whoever he was, finally turned to
the ashes.

However, later crematorium workers learned from the same
NKAVEDESHNIKI, that they burned the corpse of a certain religious leader,
who led the sect during his lifetime. Could this person have
by some special magical gift that allowed him to rise after
death and fight so hard for life in the flame of cremation
ovens? ..

This story might have seemed a trifle, explained by the usual
people’s fear of the dead, if not for one “but”. After that
case of a thirty-year-old healthy man Grigory Merkulov soon left
from work, refused a fairly monetary and prestigious position, not
explaining to anyone the reason for his decision. He became extremely
closed and frightened, finally, in a psychiatric hospital, yes there
somewhere in a month and died …

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