Mystical tree took on the appearance of the deadwomen

In the American Madisonville of Kentucky there is a curious
urban legend, which is very similar to the truth.

Once upon a time it was possible to find a white oak whose crown from the desired
ракурса выглядела, как голова women в профиль. Locals
called it the Mandy Tree. People used to overcome many miles,
to take a look at this unusual sight of their
eyes. And the thing is that outlandish oak, if you believe the rumors,
was mystical and showed this profile is not easy

The killing of Mandy Holloman and the appearance of the mysterious tree

It is alleged that in the 20s of the last century there lived a young
a housewife named mandy holloman. Once, when a woman was
alone at home, someone went inside and shot her. Slave has never
found Mandy’s spouse first came under suspicion, however
he easily proved that he was in service at the time of the murder.
Someone said it was suicide, but the police
ruled that poor Mrs. Holloman was the victim

Anyway, Mandy’s body was found under the window outside her house.
A white oak grew nearby, in which mysterious after a while
lightning struck, destroying it completely. Other white oak
appeared right in the same place, and when he grew up, the neighbors with
surprised to find that the branches of the tree are folded into shape
female head.

People began to whisper that the crown of an oak tree showed exactly the face
Mandy Holloman, as a dumb reproach to her murderer, who did not answer before
law for their crime. The townspeople were amazed at how
the tree was very much like facial features, hairstyle and even tall
the collar that deceased loved to wear.

For nearly 4 decades, the tree has retained an ominous image
women, пока в 60-е годы его не уничтожил ураган. In spite of this,
the legend of the mystical oak is still alive, and here it is still
come tourists wishing to feel the sad story of Mandy.
It is said that if you look at this place in the full moon, then on the background
the lunar disk you can see the ephemeral branches of the tree – an oak phantom with
образом несчастной women. Although many consider it clean
fiction engendered by the violent fantasy of superstitious Americans on
in fact, the ghosts of the trees were noticed not only here. Plants,
apparently, also, as well as people, possess both consciousness, and soul,
Moreover, in this particular case, white oak could be
the reincarnation of Mandy Holloman herself …

Sorry, black and white photo is –
the only one that captured an amazing tree. Snapshot
used by many American newspapers that wrote about this legend.
The original of the picture was sold in the 70s to an unknown private.
to the collector.

Did you find the weapon from which the woman was killed?

In the 80s, the story unexpectedly received a new round. Person,
who owned this house then, reconstructed his home and
I found a 5.6 millimeter rifle in the wall near the fireplace.
The man immediately took his discovery to law enforcement officers, and those
Having carefully studied her, it was reported that Mrs. Holloman was indeed
could kill of this weapon. The case, however, did not begin to open
again due to its age.

The rifle was given to the great-nephew of the late John
Taylor Jr., who kept her as a sad reminder
about the unsolved murder of his great-aunt and the mysterious her
the image that was once embodied in the family tree – the mysterious
white oak

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