Mystically revived toy hit onthe camera

Presented below mitotic without exaggeration
the video was received on June 1 of last year, however
the authors have just now decided to share with the Internet users
these mysterious frames. Hank and Hanna Squires suggest that
the baby monitor captured a supernatural activity a year ago.
their home.

The video shows the young son of a married couple lying in
the cradle. Next to the baby sits a teddy bear, with whom the boy
loved to sleep then. It would seem that before us unremarkable
scene. However, if you look closely, you can
notice that at a certain point the head of a soft toy begins
turn from side to side! Apparently, she does
it spontaneously, as if something from the
the other world. Sounds like a horror movie plot, not so

According to some still worried parents, they
noticed it quite by accident and were shocked to the depths of my soul.
Hank and Hannah had to get rid of the bear that very day
upsetting son The mother of the family soon even dreamed a terrible
a dream in which a creepy toy got out of the dumpster and
returned to the baby’s room. Fortunately, nothing in reality
frightening in the family house since then has not happened.

However, the couple for a long time did not dare to publish the video,
as it seemed to them that it energizes that sinister
the essence of the teddy bear, and then this mystical
the toy will surely return to their home, as it was a dream

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