NASA accidentally talked about the end of the world,which can happen on February 1, 2019

Read the next doomsday prediction, when all did not come true
previous, it is pretty funny. Now conspiracy therapists
claim that the apocalypse will come on February 1, 2019.
Supporters of conspiracy theories even know the exact time of the upcoming
world disaster – 11:47 am. However, these numbers were taken
by no means with a polk. The fact is that representatives of the American
national space agency, apparently, let slip
about this date on its official website. Despite the fact that after 4
of the day, NASA specialists deleted this information, with it, of course,
managed to familiarize many.

So what will potentially destroy humanity after a little more
of the year? Theorists are convinced that it will be a near-earth asteroid “2002
NT7 ”, which will fall on our planet. The strength of the blow will be so much
colossal that will exceed the power of the explosion of 30 million atomic
bombs. During the collision, the speed of the asteroid will be
almost 30 kilometers per second. NASA experts first wrote
that the deadly celestial body is critically close to the Earth and,
probably still bump into our planet. Now, after deleting
the previous entry, the Americans claim that “2002 NT7” is quite
safely pass 61 million kilometers from our “blue
ball “.

Whether astronomers made an error in calculations first and then
noticed her, or the powers that be decided not to inform
public about the upcoming apocalypse. Conspiracyologists have long been
say that secret world government makes no sense
warn us about the end of the world. Top-ranking politicians
and scientists, they say, will try to hide in the underwater or underground
bunkers, and maybe leave the planet. If society starts
panic, the people, including the military and security officials, may simply not
let the gray cardinals escape. Perhaps NASA wanted to
warn us about the fall of the asteroid, however the shadow government
gave the decree to replace this information with a false one: that no
a cataclysm in the near future is not expected. Well, wait and see –
we will see …

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