NASA and Uber are planning to launch by 2020flying taxis

On November 8 of this year, Uber and NASA signed an agreement on
cooperation in making flying taxis. NASA in this case
necessary to ensure not only effective but also safe
control systems of hundreds, and later possibly thousands
cars flying over the largest metropolitan areas of the United States.

Uber plans to create the aircraft themselves using
aircraft companies, say, Embraer or Aurora Flight
Sciences, whose participation in this grand project
is considered primarily because they have certain
developments in creating something like that. The main condition for creating
Such taxis favor the presence of electric traction systems
vertical take-off and landing, as well as minimal noise.

Landing pads for commercial aircraft
will serve the roofs of skyscrapers of megacities. By the way, first
the city that will take air taxi will be los angeles. That’s what
Uber’s Chief Product Officer Jeff speaks about this

The first test tests of flying taxis will begin in
Los Angeles in 2020, however, as a commercial project,
flying city vehicles will begin to function a little later,
from about 2023. By 2028, when this metropolis
will host guests of the Olympic Games, with this unique
service will be able to meet fans from around the globe. TO
this time, UberAIR taxis will be making tens of thousands of flights in
day – in the city and its surroundings. How expensive would that be
taxi, judge for yourself: today from the suburbs to the center of Los Angeles
can be reached by car at best in 2 hours by paying 110
dollars. Air taxi will cover this distance guaranteed for
10-15 минут, потребовав за свою услугу 129 dollars. Even it is very
profitable, although such a high price, as we say
economists developers, caused by the need to create
infrastructure of this unique transport. Further similar
маршрут на UberAIR будет стоить не более 50 dollars.

TOак считают многие аналитики и экономисты, проект вполне
viable, while noting that Uber Technologies Inc is taken
only for the most profitable and promising ones, so no
никакого сомнения в том, что flying taxis над городом
Los Angeles will appear as scheduled. And there, you see, and in others
cities, other countries will begin to develop this air
commercial industry. UberAIR taxi will take 4 passengers
developing a flight speed of over 300 kilometers per hour. initially
pilots will control them, but in the long term they will become
unmanned vehicles-taxis that, according to the developers of Uber,
significantly reduces the cost of flights and minimizes
possible accidents, let’s say, collisions in the air.

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