NASA astronaut photographed UFO by forcingshuttle hold off landing

September 19, 2006, the American astronaut Daniel Burbank,
aboard the reusable space transport
ship “Atlantis”, photographed on a digital camera unidentified
flying object. A UFO flying close to the shuttle resembled with
a seemingly translucent white clot of some matter or even energy.
NASA experts still can not determine what it was:
space junk or something absolutely fantastic.

The STS-115 space flight became the second (after more than
3-year hiatus caused by the Columbia space shuttle’s mission
on the construction of the ISS. However, there was some definite
incident. Noticing a nearby UFO spacecraft, the astronauts reported
about this to Earth, with the result that the landing of the Atlantis was
decided to postpone for many hours. It turns out that the American national
Space Agency seriously frightened UFO? Or NASA experts
felt that it was still space junk, broken off from
shuttle? According to the official hypothesis, it could be not only
a piece of the ship, but also a piece of ice or a plastic bag.
However, many ufologists report that the object on the presented
photos looks very different than any bag.

Yes, and NASA engineer Wayne Hale, who was one of the leaders,
responsible for the landing of “Atlantis”, considered that the rational
explanation of the appearance of a mysterious object can not be found. By
According to a specialist, it is impossible to determine even the size of a UFO:
there was a small object – near, or a large one – in the distance. Hale not
rushing to talk about representatives of extraterrestrial civilization or
�”Flying saucers”, however reminds: the earth is tiny
a grain of sand in the vast ocean of space, and no one guesses that
can be found outside of our “blue ball”.

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