NASA Eruption Prevention Planssupervolcano yellowstone is dangerous only for the USA itself

As you know, back in August last year, NASA accepted
the decision to send 3 billion dollars to implement the project
drilling a 10-kilometer well under Supervolcano Yellowstone, in order to
pump water there, thereby cooling its magmatic basin
and preventing the eruption of this “fire-breathing monster”, ready
explode any minute.

Since the Americans still have not abandoned this idea, but
the latest news from Wyoming where the dangerous is located
volcano, nothing encouraging, scientists of the world are more persistent
oppose such a plan by NASA, believing that it will not slow down,
on the contrary, it can provoke the activity of its magma.

And although the chances of success (as well as failure) are as
states fifty-fifty, many experts are inclined to
opinion that the best thing is just not to touch supervolcano. In that
case no one knows when it will start its eruption,
so disastrous for the whole world.

This is the point of view expressed by many prominent scientists:
the supervolcano Yellowstone in case of eruption will lead to a long
planetary winter, and therefore the death of mankind, when to survive
only a few can practically, and their fate is unenviable.

However, this is only one point of view.

Should I be afraid of the eruption of supervolcano, and who should?

According to other supervolcano researchers, their eruption
never led to planetary winters and global catastrophes,
but only reduced the temperature on Earth by an average of several
degrees For example, the Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines in 1991
led to a decrease in temperature on the planet by an average of 1 degree. AND
it lasted about two years.

And because the eruption of the same Yellowstone, experts write, is unlikely
Does significantly affect the climate of the planet, moreover, raised
into the atmosphere of particles of rock and ash in large quantities
will help humanity in its fight against global warming, that is,
supervolcano can play only a positive role for the Earth.

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