NASA filmed a mysterious planet, unexpectedlyflying near the sun

The mysterious celestial body unexpectedly sailed past the NASA camera,
watching the sun.

Solar Dynamics Observatory owned by the American
National Space Agency filmed our star in
ultraviolet spectrum, when part of the star was briefly hidden
a dark, astronomical object of enormous size, suspiciously
like a planet. Naturally, scientists rushed to find
occurred rational explanation.

According to NASA representatives, in the ultraviolet lens
The camera hit the well-known Moon. Say, the trajectory of movement
Selena passed between the space observatory and the Sun, thanks to
what is the natural satellite of the Earth for a short time shielded
top of the luminary. It happened last Thursday, October 19,
between 8:41 and 9:25 pm CET.
On the video below you can see this curious
process in an accelerated form.

What is this mysterious planet?

However, many ufologists and alternative researchers
refuse to believe that it was only the moon. Oh
too large, it looks on the video, and NASA would not
to shoot the Sun when Selene was destined to 45
minutes to break into the frame, because there are still not first graders
work, and experienced astronomers, doctors of science. Anticipate such
in advance it was easy. For this reason, many
independent researchers believe that this is a legendary

It turns out, according to their assumptions, the deadly Planet X is already
entered our solar system? Maybe that’s why our Earth is so
shakes lately? On the other hand, Nibiru must
to arrange, as the conspiracy theorists wrote, at least the planetary
disasters, for the most part – generally lead to our Apocalypse
civilization. So far this is not observed, and therefore the question is that
managed to remove the NASA against the backdrop of the Sun, remains open.
It is possible that this is just an even more mysterious planet Gloria
– a copy of our Earth, which, apparently, is generally located in
another dimension. But apparently, sometimes her face can be seen – his
�”Manifests” our almighty Luminary …

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