NASA has banned the dissemination of information about the impactcosmos on astronaut health

NASA American Aerospace Administration Manual
began to struggle for the leakage of information that does not concern
no aliens, no fantastic space discoveries. Now under
strict ban for scientists got information about the effects of space on
astronaut health.

This independent conclusion was reached by independent
the researchers wrote about on his famous blog Retraction
Watch (dedicated to just the shadow process of retraction of scientific
of articles) Ivan Oransky, Vice President and Editor
magazine MedPage Today.

For example, the editor of the journal Radiology at the request of NASA
had to refuse to publish a series of articles based on
research results of University of Miami scientists on
�”Astronauts’ visual impairment and other consequences caused by
space flights.

All these studies were funded by NASA (almost from
country’s state budget). The findings of scientists involved in this topic
turned out to be very disturbing: the long stay of a person in
space leads to a sharp deterioration in vision. And scientists
University of Miami were ready to continue research on all
other indicators of astronaut health, however,
the American space agency immediately stopped all
funding of such studies and ordered to limit
publication of only some information about the health of astronauts,
passed strict censorship at nasa.

The NASA management tried to clothe its demand
digestible “wrapper” of concern for the privacy of people who have been to
space scientists, however, scientists claim that their articles did not mention
neither the names nor the names of the astronauts, that is, confidentiality was
observed at one hundred percent. However, NASA first faded out
all that is possible from the prepared publications, and then completely
banned them.

It turns out, writes Ivan of Orange in his blog, that the results
costly research for which taxpayers have laid out
money from their pockets will remain secret for them, as well as for the whole
other general public of our planet. At the same time I think
the results of these studies will be hidden for the participants themselves
space flight – this is the main task of NASA: to make
everything possible to hide the frightening truth about space flights,
in order not to reduce funding for this industry in the United States, because of what
may affect the well-being of this aerospace

Not only is NASA hiding the results of space
research, now under the neck of secrecy and health
performers of these studies themselves. As they say, they came …

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