NASA has called a group of planets suitable forhuman colonization

If you are not one of cosmoskeptics, then surely
understand how important for our race the issue of relocation to
other planets. It’s no secret that the current pace
mankind will surely kill someday its own “blue
the ball “, and the only option would be the colonization of distant
celestial bodies outside the solar system, since in our SS
there are simply no suitable planets for humanity. But NASA astronomers
discovered in 2016 a single star TRAPPIST-1 in the constellation
Aquarius, around which 7 exoplanets rotate, that is
theoretically suitable for life earthlings.

For nearly 2 years, scientists of the American National
space agencies are continually exploring these planets. Now
the experts made an amazing statement saying that
open celestial bodies are very similar to our Earth, and man in
really could live there. Of course, TRAPPIST-1 is located
far away – in 39.5 light years from us, and we still have to
learn how to overcome such enormous cosmic distances,
however, there is hope now. Today TRAPPIST-1 is the most
studied in detail the planetary system – of course, after
Solar system

Using telescopes, NASA scientists studied the composition of distant
exoplanets and determined that those, like Earth, consist of solid
breeds. But the most amazing thing was that a lot of
these astronomical objects is 5% water. It means,
that on average one such planet may have 250 times more
life-giving moisture than on earth. Unfortunately, while researchers are not
they can tell if the atmosphere is suitable for breathing. Known
only that in the atmosphere of some exoplanets not too much
hydrogen. According to scientists, this is good news because the excess
Hydrogen leads to a greenhouse effect.

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