NASA has published a photo of “crashed flyingplates “in the desert

Last Sunday, November 4th, on the official website
the US National Space Agency has appeared
photo with caption:

�”Flying saucer” from outer space fell in the desert of Utah
after it was spotted by radar and shot down by a military helicopter.

An unusual snapshot really shows the wreckage of the apparatus,
suspiciously similar to the metal “alien saucer”
as if from some fantastic movie. Do NASA staff
finally recognized the existence of extraterrestrial aircraft and
Would you like to share with us an image of one of them?

As you might guess, many ufologists and ordinary users
The World Wide Web turned out to be utterly surprised and intrigued
such a publication. Alas, representatives of the department quickly hurried
clarify that they were just joking, but in fact we are talking about something
much more prosaic.

It turns out that the sensational shot shows the capsule
spacecraft “Genesis”, launched on August 8, 2001
to study the sun. One of the missions of the device was to collect and
delivery to Earth of samples of the solar wind.

NASA then explains:

No space aliens are involved. Before us
a fragment of a human-created robot that visited the Sun and
returned to Earth. Unfortunately, the capsule did not open then
parachute and she collapsed in the desert falling to the surface of the earth with
speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour.

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