NASA has published the sounds of the cosmos, from whichbecomes uncomfortable

Halloween was celebrated in many countries of the world yesterday, and representatives
the US National Space Agency decided
Join the celebration of the Eve of All Saints Day.

To do this, the experts laid out in the World Wide Web so
called “terrible sounds of the cosmos,” which were recorded over a long
NASA’s history of various US aircraft. Total list
consists of 22 audio recordings.

According to scientists, when listening to the sounds of whistling helium and
howling planets on your skin will certainly run a chill.

Such an unusual playlist was created by converting to
acoustic waves of various data, once received by probes and
other devices that have been off the Earth. In the list,
for example, hit, noises made by Saturn and Jupiter.

Many of these barely perceptible signals turned NASA craftsmen
sounds like soundtrack to some classic
science fiction film about the conquest of our planet
aliens. However, the ominous impression they, as promised,
still create.

Agency staff explain:

Sound waves are not able to travel in a vacuum of space,
however, the radio emission received by space probes can
convert to audio and listen in such a way as you could
sound different celestial bodies in the solar system. Eerie
result, isn’t it?

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