NASA InSight spacecraft today will sit downto mars

Today, November 26, 2018, NASA InSight spacecraft
will try to net to the surface of the red planet, about which, as promised
employees of the US aerospace agency, on the Internet and on TV
there will be a live broadcast of this epochal

However, do not think that NASA will be able to show us how
InSight breaks into the atmosphere of the Red Planet, and then smoothly
sits on its surface. Do this (show in real
time) is simply impossible for technical reasons – a signal from Mars
Earth is just over 8 minutes. Therefore, the live broadcast will be
consist only of video materials provided by the laboratory
jet propulsion located in California (city of Pasadena)
and the Lockheed Martin Space business unit that is located in
Colorado (Denver).

Recall that the InSight probe was launched on May 5 of this year, this is the first
flight to the Red Planet after a successful Martian company,
implemented using the Curiosity rover in 2012.
InSight mission should last two years, its main task
will study the ground of Mars, which will allow scientists, as assured
agency NASA, to better understand the formation of our solar

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