NASA officially announced: September 23 nothingwill happen

Known since 2004, the mystical code is 239, which is American
media from that time strenuously demonstrate where they can, and
conspiracy theorists have already calculated that this is due to the global
катастрофой, которая will happen 23 сентября сего года, волнует
today many who believe in mystical prophecies and secret
warnings from the world puppeteers.

In the US, this has become such a hot topic that NASA on behalf of
his top manager through the press turned to a wide
public with the following speech:

For several years now, the Internet has been discussed
rumors that September 23 of a year (today, of course,
called 2017) The earth will be destroyed either mysterious
the planet Nibiru, or the impact of an asteroid. However, with regard to
now we assure you that for such a catastrophe there is not
the slightest scientific basis, absolutely no reliable information,
that a threatening space object is flying to our planet. If
it happened we would certainly have warned about it

Note that this is the second time that NASA officially addresses
to the general public with a soothing speech about the expected
the end of the world. The first time this happened on the verge of supposedly
of the looming Apocalypse on December 21, 2012 (ending
Mayan calendar).

Since in 2012 nothing happened and NASA means
turned out to be right, Americans should still believe today
assurances of the leadership of the space agency, but no … Judging by
reactions on the Internet, today’s appeal by NASA was more likely to
the opposite is true because trust in this organization
Americans, and all other earthlings, no. Just look
The following video footage that perfectly shows us
NASA is constantly fooling, not to mention the ongoing fraud
facts, retouching photos from the Moon, Mars and other space
objects, as well as about the invented flights to the moon, “mystical”
the explosion of the Challenger shuttle in 1986 and other numerous
hoaxes by the agency.

For this reason, people have long believed no assurances
NASA manuals. So today they are at a loss: really
scientists of the american space agency decided to reassure
the public or according to the already established practice they lie and something
hide? ..

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