NASA photographs confirm UFO presence onEarth’s orbit 30 years ago

Today, ufologists are constantly catching UFOs in Earth orbit with the help of
webcams installed on the International Space Station. BUT
there is irrefutable photo evidence that alien ships
flew here and much earlier, for example, in the eighties
last century.

From here you can make a simple conclusion: aliens are watching
humanity from time immemorial, but only with the development of modern
technologies we have learned to notice them all around. And not only
notice, but, first, it’s normal to perceive (without panic and
fear of being recognized as crazy), secondly, fix
�“Flying saucers”, and even the aliens themselves, in photos and videos, and
thirdly, sharing these materials on the Internet with other people,
showing their multi-million dollar audience.

BUT вот два снимка (датируемые 12 января 1986 года) треугольного
UFOs, which can now be found on the NASA website, are not so
impressive to today’s Internet audience, however
interesting because they are made with a hand-held camera, and therefore
astronaut – their author personally watched the flight of this giant
the ship. However, at that time it was not customary to talk freely
UFO, but because we do not even know today the name of this hero of the cosmos.

BUT вот снимки каким-то фантастическим образом (как их не удалили,
not clear?) are preserved in the archives of the American aerospace
agencies – and that’s great! The ship is actually gigantic
sizes, and it moves in space with a huge
by speed. The difference between these two snapshots is only 17 seconds,
however, in this short time, the UFO has significantly “moved” in the photo,
this is noticeable even to a layman.

About any shooting defects, specks and off that they love so much
�”Reasoned” to present skeptics, to speak here not
It is necessary, because on two pictures the same UFO is very good
viewed, with a difference only in finding it in space.
For an artificial satellite of the Earth or space debris this
the object is moving too fast. In general, look and judge
yourself …

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