NASA plans to carry out spacetravels 10 times faster than light

NASA recently announced that its scientists are now
time working on the creation of a space liner capable
overcome 3 million kilometers per second. You understand, it’s in
ten times faster than the speed of light.

A similar ship, as some astronomers notice, all
will still remain a slow-moving turtle within the universe, however in
In this case, it can easily go beyond the solar system –
in just a few months, and also quickly return to Earth.
That is, the radius of the space survey is significantly
(simply fantastic, frankly) increase,
especially compared to today’s speeds at which
are capable of earthly spacecraft.

This, without any exaggeration, the ambitious task set
in front of you is a team of scientists from the NASA Space Center, which
headed by Harold White. According to already indicated in general terms
the project, the ship of the future (hopefully not so remote)
will become ellipsoidal in shape and about the size of a football
the site. His field is surrounded by a ring of negative energy-matter,
which will allow to bend space-time, thereby moving
interstellar carrier is very fast over huge distances.

For a better understanding, Harold White gives an example of

If you draw on it two points from different sides, they will
at a considerable distance from each other. However, if you release from
a ball of air, these points can be not only approximated, even
almost instantly connect. This is of course a simplified example.
but in principle the curvature of space-time works as well – it
instantly connects two points located from each other on
enormous distance, thereby allowing the ship to move in
space at a speed much greater than the speed of light.

White’s ship will be a hybrid, it will become its near-earth orbit
output a conventional rocket engine (maybe, over time
perfect), but then the apparatus, like the astronauts in it, will begin
movement over hyperspace.

Now Harold White’s team is working to
laboratory conditions minimize space-time interval,
at least a little bit …

Scientists are confident that they will succeed, which is why
White asked when such a ship of the future would be ready,
answers clearly and clearly – soon!

And while skeptics call the White project utopian, in fact
nobody knows how real everything can turn out. After all
ten years ago nobody believed in the existence of the Higgs boson,
which today has become a fact. And tell our grandparents in
last century about computers and other “miracles” that we
use without even thinking about their fantastic, they would not
only they did not believe in all this, but most likely they did not even understand
what it is – computer, Internet and other problems of ours
being …

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