NASA plans to “touch the Sun” withspacecraft equipped with thermal supershield

Spacecraft Parker Solar Probe, which NASA is planning
run in early August to the Sun, got one of these days a heavy-duty
thermal shield that will allow you to get closer to the star on
distance hitherto unattainable by any earth probe.

US aerospace agency experts intend to bring
Parker Solar Probe to Svetiku at a distance of six million
kilometers where the unit will be able to interact with the outside
the atmosphere of the star (its solar corona). For this and need
thermal super shield, which is made of double-layer carbon
composite, surrounded by a thick layer of foam that makes it, with one
hand, very light (only 80 kilograms, which is important for
similar apparatus, which should go into a given orbit,
having a good speeding up), and on the other – reliable (when warming up
to almost 1500 degrees Celsius, this white protector will keep on
the probe temperature itself, not exceeding 30 degrees).

The purpose of the current mission is to thoroughly examine the heat fluxes
which we call solar winds. Facing magnetic
field of our planet, these particles cause geomagnetic storms, which
adversely affect the health of earthlings, seriously interfere
the normal functioning of the power grids, the operation of the satellites, although
delight us with the beautiful northern lights. However, scientists are still not
know the mechanisms behind the solar winds, and therefore not
can adequately resist them. Here is a daunting task
to study the sun and scientists today set themselves up, launching
Parker Solar Probe. However, NASA specialists may have more
some tasks to study the sun, which constantly throws up
amazing puzzles, for example, demonstrates incomprehensible gigantic
objects near me …

By the way, this launch should take place on August 4 in Florida. how
NASA experts say, they are almost ready to
start, it remains just to check everything and double-check in order to start
the probe went off without a hitch.

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