NASA revealed the asteroids of the solar system -the video turned out just fascinating

Immediately make a reservation that the asteroids that are spinning in our
The solar system and represent a certain danger to the Earth,
much more than their lab employees show
NASA’s jet propulsion, just need to understand: this model
developing, it shows only known (open)
near-earth asteroids, not all available.

For example, at the beginning of the video you can see how many asteroids were
discovered by astrophysicists on Earth at the beginning of 1999, then – on
the beginning of 2009, and finally – for today. And purely
near-earth space objects are marked in blue, including
while yellow is the “pebbles” of the asteroid belt between Jupiter and
Mars. Notice how much has been open in two decades.
new asteroids: in 1999 they can almost be counted, and
today is some kind of huge bee swarm spinning near
of our blue ball. Scary, is not it?

However, astrophysicists themselves assure us that the chances of a collision
Earths with serious space objects are not as large as
seem at first glance, even considering that many asteroids
we are not even known. At the same time, other scientists are convinced that
Earthlings are virtually defenseless against the cosmic threat. For example,
ESA Detlef Koschny head of the ESA near-earth objects
says about this:

Despite the seeming swarm of open (visible on this video)
asteroids, they are actually a hundred times more, and most
of them have a diameter of 100 meters to several kilometers. but
the greatest danger is just smaller space
objects about which we do not even have an idea yet, and they,
no less capable of destruction (in the event of a fall to Earth)
commensurate with the average European disasters

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