NASA: Russians are conducting a secret experiment onISS

Employees of the US space agency NASA suspected
the Russians that they are preparing some kind of secret experiment on
International Space Station.

US specialists say they noticed October 12 of this year and,
Naturally, they immediately photographed a strange object at the “Progress
MS-07 ”, just before the launch of the ship. Allegedly the subject was
attached to the outer skin of the cargo section “Progress”, and
he was not here before.

Inquiring from Russian cosmonauts what it is,
NASA employees received a comprehensive answer: this is a special
equipment necessary for the transportation of goods and it will
used once. However, this answer for some reason did not satisfy
NASA manual. Americans suspect that this item is somehow
related to the experimental mission “Reflection”, started by
Russian in 2014. Then they revealed an optical sensor,
tracing changes in the atmosphere, but the current
the device looks nothing like even an improved sensor,
there is something completely different.

The fire of these suspicions oils pour ever more encouraging
relations between the United States and Russia, why Americans in all their
troubles, miscalculations and mistakes see the hand of the Kremlin. What is
каверзное против американцев задумали русские еще и на ISS?..

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