NASA said the Yellowstone Volcano is worseany asteroid

NASA experts sound the alarm and state that in the event of an explosion
Supervolcano Yellowstone, he will do so much trouble on Earth that with
this is no match for even the largest asteroid. And,
such a catastrophe may occur at any time.

As we know, NASA scientists again suggest various ways
�“Pacify” the ultra-dangerous volcano, somehow prolong his sleep. One
of the most effective ways, in their opinion, remains pumping heat
from the caldera. This technique is already used in the world, and it looks like
quite reliable.

It is important to pacify the fire-breathing element before it
destroy all of humanity at least 99 percent of the inhabitants
Earth, said Dr. Brian Wilcox, aerospace engineer

Meanwhile, the US media continues to escalate hysteria about
that Russia is to blame for all the troubles of the United States, they say, the Russian Federation has
climatic weapons that current hurricanes cause are not
thinking that, for example, IRMA struck not only the United
States, even friendly for us, Cuba seriously touched. But this is for
American journalists are not an argument, because in wanting to find
the enemy, they dismiss all reasonable arguments.

With the danger threatening the United States from the explosion of the Supervolcano Yellowstone,
things are approximately the same: the Russians, it turns out, are involved
to all the earthquakes that shake America today. Have
Russia, it turns out, is a tectonic weapon that is capable
how to cause and pacify tremors. And wherein
given a lot of references to tests of this kind, which
carried out the USSR.

Yes, in the Soviet Union on the ranges of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in
In 1990, tests were actually carried out on installations capable of
one way or another, to influence the crust. However, these tests put
the goal is to extinguish tremors, not to cause them.
And, те испытания не были секретными, отчего можно сделать
the corresponding output, that is, the MHD generator (pulse
magnetohydrodynamic generator), about which Russophobes shout,
developed by Soviet scientists in the seventies of the past
century, can not cause earthquakes in America. And again,
what for? To banged supervolcano Yellowstone? But in Russia, not worse
Americans understand that in this case there will be a catastrophe for
of the entire Earth, including for the Russian Federation. True for the American media
such reasonable and obvious reasons are not arguments …

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