NASA satellite discovered mysterious thermalanomaly in the atlantic ocean

The US National Space Agency has published
fresh satellite images showing our surface
planets in infrared. Red spots on photo data
depict large clots of heat. As you might guess, speech
It is about megacities where high temperatures are concentrated from people
factories, transportation and electronics.

However, one spot was not at all where it could be
expect, namely in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! Because of this in
The World Wide Web immediately flared up numerous disputes and became
emerge conspiracy theories. Enthusiasts and alternatives
Researchers are convinced that NASA’s meteorological satellite “Suomi
NPP “accidentally revealed a certain anomaly, removing the infrared
radiation of South America and its surrounding expanses of water.

�Suomi NPP is often used to detect forest fires.
The advanced orbital satellite also easily shows large
cities, and the size of each red spot can be determined
area of ​​the metropolis, as well as the intensity of its thermal radiation.
Here only in the ocean can hardly burn fire or be
Big city. If it is, of course, not the mythical Atlantis, still
alive and well, since heat comes from her …

Most conspiracy therapists do not believe too much in the legendary
island nation, however, claim that at depth in this
The place is a significant source of heat. Maybe it is
about a huge volcano? Or something more unusual?
Netizens speak not only about hypothetical underwater
city, but also about the secret nuclear base of Russia or the United States, the airport
aliens, giant monster, etc.

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