NASA satellite “saw” the mysterious planetRahu?

As is known, in the framework of the SOHO program, the satellite of the American
Space Agency LASCO C3 constantly monitors
Sun, periodically giving ufologists “gifts” in the form
�”Flying unidentified objects” near our luminary.

However, recently satellite camera “caught” something else more
strange – an area of ​​mysterious darkness near the Sun in the form of a giant
dark sphere. Independent space researchers immediately remembered
�”Black sun Rahu”, which, according to the oldest Indian
knowledge is the great dark planet of our solar system
existing on the invisible thin plane, but periodically
manifesting itself in real physical space, causing an eclipse
(clouding) of the sun.

We do not know where the ancient civilizations obtained such knowledge
most likely from their “gods” who, in fact, as claimed
many independent researchers and ufologists were aliens from
space or other parallel worlds (perhaps even from the future).
Proponents of the world conspiracy theory are confident that the ruling world
the elite are well aware of Rahu, but keep it secret from
the general public, as well as many other knowledge that can
turn not only our understanding of this world, but the world itself
generally. Indeed, in the Universe (and puppeteers understand this perfectly) there is no
nothing more valuable and efficient than information.

According to the astronomy of the Indian Vedas, which is considered not only
the most ancient, but also the most accurate, Rahu is one of
planets-nanagrahov. Rahu and Ketu complement the existing ones.
planets of our solar system by performing certain
astrological role that we have not yet been destined to understand. Not in
telescope, much less with the naked eye these nanograhi see
impossible, but their influence is known to astronomers since ancient times.
For example, astrologers of the Middle Ages fixed them along with
invisible then and therefore unknown planets Neptune and Uranus.

Is the dark region in the Sun, which
recorded the satellite camera LASCO C3, the mysterious planet Rahu,
a moot point. This is more like a lovers guess.
�”Mysterious space.” But then another question arises – what is it
This is because the camera, as we know, shoots everything that “sees” –
objectively and impartially?

Moreover, say conspiracy theorists, we live just in the period
when, according to the Indian Vedas, the influence of dark planets-nanagrakh
most, why their manifestation on the material plane should
to become more frequent It is also surprising that the LASCO C3 satellite removed the mysterious
dark sphere almost immediately after the real solar
eclipse, which is most fully observed the inhabitants of the United States. Of course it
practically explains nothing, however, forces
think …

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