NASA scientist told how they can lookrepresentatives of alien civilizations

Ph.D. Silvano Colombano, working in the department
Intellectual Systems American National Space
agencies, issued a statement that representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations have probably already visited our planet or even constantly
are on it.

However, the scientist is convinced that our understanding of
alien is too limited. Most likely, approves
a specialist, aliens are not at all what we used them
imagine and what they draw Hollywood movies.

Colombano reports that alien life forms can be
tangible or intangible, about the size of a molecule or
galaxy, visible or invisible, more stupid than a raccoon (which does not prevent them,
the rest, traveling in space) or incomparably the smartest of all
humanity put together. They may not understand our concept.
time, or, conversely, to consider it extremely primitive.

For them, the past and the future may be like a ravine and a hill,
where if you wish, you can go down or climb. These entities can
not to interfere in our reality at all or to influence it
(consciously or indirectly) is so strong that we don’t even
aware of all aspects of this influence. In addition, there is a possibility
that they are immortal, capable of traveling between parallel
worlds or even create your own worlds.

The scientist emphasizes that modern people began to form
almost 10 thousand years ago. Methodology of science in humanity
appeared about 500 years ago. Space we started to explore
about 60 years ago. And high electronic technology does
appeared here about 30 years ago. By the standards of the universe, it’s just
trifle – a moment.

Now imagine that somewhere there is a populated life
a planet whose inhabitants began to develop in the same way not 10
thousand, and 10 billion years ago. In this case, even the imagination
the best of our fiction (people whose minds are not formed
so long) may not be enough to imagine
technologies and opportunities of “green men”.

Finally, Silvano stresses, the human race is still
too focused on technology and pays little attention to development
universal consciousness. Philosophers and esoteric from time immemorial repeat,
that the possibilities of the human mind are limitless and if we wish
could even surf the universe, leaving their mortal
shell on earth. Perhaps aliens are doing just that and
visit the Earth at the slightest desire, without any problems and
effort on their part.

A bold statement for a NASA representative, isn’t it? Pity that
even colleagues at Colombano took it as a common fantasy, not
like the voice of logic, which would be worth listening not only to NASA,
but also to other space agencies, like all scientists of the planet
Earth, where our “smart civilization”, apparently, is on
stages of the most primitive development – at the stage of diapers, as they like
talk science fiction writers …

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