NASA Specialists Launch Apparatus Engines�Voyager 1 after 37 years of inactivity

According to NASA, the rotary engines of the space probe
�Voyager 1 was last used in 1980, later
their operation was not necessary. However in the present
moment there was a need to adjust the flight path
apparatus, why the agency staff thought about the resumption
operation of auxiliary engines.

For this they needed to raise and re-examine the outdated
already a programming language and forgotten software. None
however, the other day an attempt was made to start the engines
�Voyager. Twenty hours later, the answer came — the engines were successful.
work. Like this!

Thanks to this, according to NASA, the probe can be used
at least another two or three years. The mission of two twin probes,
Recall, it was launched back in 1977. To date, this
a pair of spacecraft flew all farther from Earth. Probe
�”Voyager 1″, which again became famous thanks to the restart
engines, moved away from our planet already at 21 billion
kilometers, gradually approaching the boundary of the solar system,
which he is about to leave at a speed of 61 thousand kilometers in

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