NASA tired of talking about a deadly planetNibiru and it made a statement

The US National Space Agency is tired of
talk of the mythical Nibiru, also known as Planet X. About
NASA astrophysicist David Morrison officially announced this recently. By
According to the 77-year-old scientist, he no longer has the strength to explain to the townsfolk,
that no deadly celestial body described in
Sumerian-Akkadian mythology and supposedly today is rapidly
approaching the Earth does not really exist.

In our age, Nibiru began to speak intensively, presumably, in 1995
year, when a certain Nancy Leader said that representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization with the star Zeta Grid warned her about the upcoming
the collision of Planet X with the Earth. With the development of the Internet appeared
quite a few other conspiracy therapists, visionaries and simply alarmists,
who claim that Nibiru will soon destroy our priceless “blue
ball”. David Morrison closely followed all these rumors and
made the appropriate conclusions.

This is how it explains all the folly of thoughts and assumptions.
famous astrophysicist:

Back in 2008, I thought that the theories about Nibiru are
Internet rumors, empty and completely baseless, that
will quickly lose popularity. But no, people keep talking about
this and after 10 years – that’s what’s amazing! Byследний апокалипсис,
associated with Planet X, we were promised on November 19 of this year, and where
he? Byсмотрите — мы все еще живы и здоровы. But hysteria
continues: at least once per work day, I get a question about
Nibiru. People are afraid to live, people can not sleep, for fear of this.
When I start to convince a person that no Planet X is
moving towards us, they suspect me of deception, or simply openly
called a liar: they say, I hide from the public an important
information. Why, then, someone writes and calls me if everyone knows
better than me, what about this mystic Nibiru?

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