NASA warns of a possible two fallmeteorites to Russia

Astronomers of the American Space Agency NASA
claim that tomorrow on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan should fall
two meteorites.

Fortunately, these stone blocks are not serious
danger to residents of both countries. The fact is that meteorites are not
very large, the more they collapse, according to the calculated area,
in the desert, far from residential or industrial
buildings. And finally, some of these celestial bodies will have time to burn in
atmosphere, so only a small fraction of it reaches the surface of the earth,
not capable of causing tremendous destruction and harm.

Approximation of these meteorites recorded research
NASA satellite, which was reported to the entire astronomical world
community. However, Russian specialists do not yet confirm this.
information, although not disproving it. Especially since such
space “gifts” do not pose a serious threat.

True, modern means of detecting cosmic bodies
so imperfect that it is determined with absolute precision,
when, where exactly and what size stone (and even iron)
a lump collapses on Earth, almost impossible. Otherwise we would advance
for example, they knew about the Chelyabinsk meteorite and were not afraid from time to time
fireballs flying past our planet (what if
will face?).

What is the probability of a collision with meteorites and

By the way, today there is an international network
asteroid hazard warning (IAWN), which recently
success traced the asteroid flying past the Earth under the code
named “2012 TC4”.

October 12 around 9 am Moscow time this
a rather large space object calmly passed by our
planets 44 thousand kilometers, which is approximately 11
percent of the distance from us to the moon.

However, is the IAWN able to track all possible collisions with
meteorites, which flies near the Earth millions? However,
such systems are gradually improved and become
indispensable in exploring space and ensuring safe
the existence of our civilization. Note, by the way, that IAWN scientists
the asteroid “2012 TC4” is still seeing off, predicting that it
will return to Earth in 2050 and 2079, and the last
rapprochement with our planet can be very dangerous …

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