NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt saved by a ghostfather’s

And although that amazing event happened back in 2004,
former American racer Dale Earnhardt Jr who is
a two-sided NASCAR champion, literally told about him

Giving an interview for the latest release of audio podcasts “The Dale
Jr Download », Dale suddenly remembered that in 2004 during
competition, he was in a fatal accident and, apparently, should
was burned in his race car alive, because on the track is not
there were people nearby who were ready to help him.

Despite this, someone pulled the racer out of the car, moreover,
Earnhardt remembers very well that this Somebody caught him under the arms and
pulled out of a burning car, pulled out and left to lie on the ground
at a safe distance from the car. In the photo on which Dale
shot at that moment (see photo), near the rider really
there is not a single living soul.

When Earnhardt Jr. woke up in the hospital, the first thing he wanted
express gratitude to the man who saved him from death. Dale himself
believed that it was one of the assistants on the track in Sonoma (state
California), but doctors said that at a time when they were among
first drove up to his burning car Corvette, next to her no one
was not and could not be.

I think, says Dale Earnhardt Jr., that me in that fatal
The moment was saved by my father, who died in 2001 during the race “Dayton
500 “. I also participated in them and even was at that moment completely
not far, so I saw in the rearview mirror, like black
«Шевроле» father’s врезался на повороте в стену. Survive in that situation
just not possible. In my case, I received only
second degree burns, since it was in a burning car, as
stated doctors, no more than 14 seconds. Many believe that I
miraculously scrambled out of the car itself. But I’m fine
I remember that I was already unable to do this, and only the otherworldly
help helped me survive …

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